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Play Minion Emergency Game

Minion Emergency

The PX-41 serum transformed the purple minions into Evil Minions and they became destructive, mean and ...

Play Minion At The Dentist Game

Minion At The Dentist

The cute minion has big teeth problems so he had to rush to the doctor. Brush his teeth, clean them, he...

Play Baby Minion Dentist Game

Baby Minion Dentist

Cute Baby Minion rushed into candies and sweets and now is waiting in line in front of your consulting ...

Play Minion At Hair Salon Game

Minion At Hair Salon

Minion fall in love, a girl love him very much, he also like the girl very much. Valentine's day, they ...

Play Baby Minion Tree Decoration Game

Baby Minion Tree Decoration

Baby Minion decided that the laboratory needs a little Christmas atmosphere, so he needs your help in d...

Play Minion Barbeque Game

Minion Barbeque

This funny minion is having a barbeque party and he invited all of his minion friends. Help him arrange...

Play Heal Minion Girl Game

Heal Minion Girl

Minion Girl was riding her bike when she hit a fence and hurt herself. Now she came to you , a great an...

Play Minion Tooth Problems Game

Minion Tooth Problems

Today you will need to make this minion happy in this dentist game for girls as he will be coming in yo...

Play Minion Beard Salon Game

Minion Beard Salon

This game lets you play the challenging role of a barber. Wash! Shave! Cut! Three simple steps and you ...

Play Minion At Beard Salon Game

Minion At Beard Salon

Valentine's day, Minion would date with his lover. Let's give Minion a perfect beard treatment, give hi...

Play Minion Nose Doctor Game

Minion Nose Doctor

Have a fun time with Minion as he is having some nose problems that you need to fix in this nose doctor...

Play Minion Eye Care Game

Minion Eye Care

The Minion will go to the doctor, even if he doesn't like this idea. The doctor has to take care of his...

Play Baby Minion Room Decoration Game

Baby Minion Room Decoration

Baby Minion wants a new style for his room, one that says about him a happy, joyful and fun baby. So us...

Play Minion At Railway Station Game

Minion At Railway Station

Minion was supposed to board a train at this station but seeing the condition and how filthy the statio...

Play Minion Girl Dentist Game

Minion Girl Dentist

Her huge love and craving for candies has caused lovely Minion girl serious toothaches and needs your e...

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